• School policies are outlined in detail in the student handbook (available to download on the admissions page).
    The following is meant to be a quick reference guide.



    All standard school supplies for each grade will be furnished. On occasion, teachers may ask for volunteers or supplementary supplies for special projects.

    Lunches / Snacks

    We do provide a small snack and water mid morning for our MDO and PreK classes. However, ALL students need to eat breakfast before they arrive, and bring a lunch each day.  Microwaves are available for heat ups, but by state law we are not equipped to cook anything.

    Loveys / Sippy Cups

    Please label/mark all items brought from home with student’s name. These items will remain in cubbies until nap time.

    Naps / Nap Mats

    By state law, all MDO through PreK4 Students must have a nap mat, and it must be stored in a large plastic bag. (There are Ziploc storage bags large enough to fit everything including blanket and pillow.) Students are not required to sleep, but they are required to lay down for the allotted time. Please note, most nap mats are plastic and students tend to sweat and get cold if the mat is left uncovered. We recommend all mats be covered and a blanket provided.
    Custom NapMat covers can be bought from CC White’s “Ladybug TLC”





  • Field Trips

    Field Trip Permission Forms will be emailed to the parent or guardian at least a week prior to the field trip. If you have not received the form by the “week of,” please contact the teacher or the front desk. 

    Please check with your classroom teacher for specifics on upcoming field trips. The following are some general guidelines:

    What to Wear and Bring
    • Student Field Trip Shirts
    • Walking shoes
    • Sack lunch (unless stated otherwise)
    • Lunches cannot contain ice packs or heat-up items

    * We will not be responsible for lost items.


    In Case of Emergency

    Teachers will have all necessary emergency information with them during the field trip – contact information, doctor and hospital phone numbers and release forms – as well as a first aid kit.


    Parent Chaperones

    All adults attending field trips must have a criminal history check on file at HCA. If you do not have one on file with the school, we will need it filled out at least 3 days before the field trip

    If you would like to be a field trip chaperone, please let Mrs. Marsh know.

    If you are a chaperone or driver, please be available until the designated time to arrive back at the school. 






  • Dress Code

    Please label all tags with student’s name. Every year we donate several unlabeled and unclaimed jackets and sweaters.

    A secondary set of clothing is to be provided by parents/guardians and kept in backpacks in case of dress code violations, accidents, or messes. 


    MDO Students – No standardized dress code

    Pre-K & Up

    Chapel Day – Navy tops, khaki bottoms
    Field Trip Day – HCA Spirit Shirt is mandatory as part of safety protocol, regardless of parent attendance
    Normal School Day
    • Solid or striped colors (top or bottom)
    • Clothing with inappropriate language and/or characters are not allowed


    Students may not wear clothing in a way that creates a distraction within the classroom including: 

    • Inappropriate sizing
    • Pictures
    • Logos
    • Glitter
    • Shimmer
    • or any color distractions – except on appropriate school event days


    Shirts or Blouses
    • Shall be any solid color or appropriate campus spirit shirt
    • May have a standard collar, golf style, dress shirt style, or turtleneck, unless it’s one of the appropriate campus spirit shirts
    • May NOT be leather, suede, or vinyl
    • May NOT be sleeveless


    Outerwear (Sweatshirts, vests, sweaters, windbreakers, sports coats, blazers, outside jackets, and coats)
    • May be worn only over the standard shirt
    • Must be appropriately sized in the shoulders, sleeves, and length


    Slacks, Jeans, Shorts, Skorts, Skirts, Dresses, or Jumpers
    • Must be solid color
    • Slacks must fit at the waist and be properly hemmed or cuffed
    • May NOT be leather, suede or vinyl
    • Length of shorts, skorts, skirts, dresses, or jumpers must be no more that three inches above the knee
    • Bloomers or bike shorts should be worn under skirts, dresses, or jumpers



    We do require that all students wear appropriate footwear such as:

    • Sneakers / Tennis shoes
    • Close-toed sandals
    • Loafers
    • Etc.

    Flip-flops and Crocs are not allowed, as they provide a higher risk of tripping and falling incidents.


    • Must be neat, clean, and well groomed
    • No type of head covering – cap, hat, beanie, hair rollers, etc., may be worn inside the building
    • Headbands, barrettes, and bows are acceptable for female students, provided they do not create a distraction within the classroom due to size or extravagance
    • Distracting styles and/or coloring are not allowed except on appropriate school event days