• At Heritage Christian Academy we believe that God created each child as a special and unique person, a gift to those entrusted with their care. Our programs reflect this belief. Our class ratios remain small, providing an atmosphere where your child is given respect, individual attention, and the opportunity for a loving introduction to a structured school environment within a Christian community.

    Discipline is handled in a balanced, respectful manner. Parents are notified of any problems that occur in the classroom, and are encouraged to work closely with the teachers to find lasting solutions.

    By bringing all the proper elements together – carefully balanced programs, well equipped classroom learning centers, trained and caring teachers, chapel instruction, and an array of other daily activities appropriate to their developmental abilities – we provide your child with the early education he/she will need to be successful and confident on all levels, including spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.

  • Mother's Day Out
    (6 - 35 months)
  • Pre-School
    (3 & 4 years)
  • Grade School
    (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)
  • Ancillary

    In Chapel, we teach our little ones to keep the Lord in their hearts. Bible stories are presented in an engaging way, so as to draw the students in and help them find the real value. They are encouraged to both ask and answer questions regarding the moral of each story to develop their thinking powers, and we reinforce the idea of heartfelt praise through prayer and joyful song.

    Our computer lab is mobile providing access for teachers to incorporate technology into everyday classroom activities. Learning basic computer skills, early keyboarding in conjunction with reading, science, spelling and math. In addition to laptops we also have a classroom set of tablets available for students to do research and learning games.

    In library, we provide a wide range of books to instill an early love of reading, and each year we celebrate National Literacy Month with a school wide reading contest. Not only developing a child’s imagination, but most age appropriate books reinforce the lessons they’re already learning in class including the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, vegetables, animals, body parts, and activities in fun and exciting ways.

    We know a child’s development thrives with early exposure to music and movement. While music is all around us in our classrooms throughout each day, our dedicated music class allows students to begin learning instruments, tonal and rhythm patterns, and a variety of songs.

    Art class gives students a chance to expand their creativity and experience a variety of mediums and techniques. Beyond the basic paper and crayons, they’re also introduced to sculpting and clays, gluing and papier-mâché, paint and blending, and a variety of other crafts.

    Physical fitness fosters growth and development. Through running, jumping, throwing, catching, and a myriad of other activities, children build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Through its positive effect on mental health, it increases our students’ capacity for learning through development of social, emotional, and cognitive skills.


  • Extended Days and Summer Programs

  • Early Morning Care

    6:45AM – 8:00AM




    (August – May)

  • Middle Care

    2:15PM – 3:30PM


    $75/month [T & TH]

    $85/month [MWF]

    (August – May)

  • After School Care

    3:45PM – 6:00PM




    (August – May)

  • Summer Care

    HCA hosts supplementary summer camps, on-site, each year. Please inquire with the administrative office for further information on current summer care plans.



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